Thursday, October 2, 2008

Here goes nothing

From Alaska to Texas. Some would call that an upgrade, although I like to remind people that if you cut Alaska in half Texas would be the third largest state. Regardless, life has been a series of transitions over the past several months. From secure government employment to the life of a student, from rain and mild weather to the heat and humidity of Texas, from nature's finest scenery to a sprawling metropolis, no matter what perspective you view it from life has changed. It's a good change, though. 

I'm well underway into my training at Dallas Theological Seminary. Classes are in full swing for the semester. Exams are looming, papers have come due, and the stack of books still to be read seems to be growing rather than shrinking. I'm busy, but it's a good busy.

This environment is good for me. I'm referring to the academic environment at seminary not the climate environment, which I really consider to be just short of life-threatening. I get to think and dwell on an infinite God. I get to ask questions and discuss concepts that have been bouncing around in my head but have previously had no outlet. It's where my wife and I need to be right now and is definitely preparing me for a future that I envision will include training up-and-coming Christian ministers.

So, as I ask questions and answer my own questions I hope to share them and explore them on here. Stay tuned... 

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