Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Here's to Good Music

I’ve had music on the mind quite a bit lately. Part of that may be because I just received my tickets for a U2 concert at the Cowboy’s new stadium in Arlington. With a capacity for 100+ thousand people, it should prove to be a concert to remember. That isn’t for several months, though.

Even more exciting for me was the opportunity to attend an Andrew Peterson concert today on campus here at the seminary. As a singer/songwriter myself, I have been greatly influenced by AP’s songwriting style and it was a treat to listen to his show and then talk with him afterwards. One of the most encouraging aspects of the concert was that he forgot the words to a couple songs while he was mid-song. Now I know you may be scolding me and accusing me for delighting in the struggles of another, but I have had that happen in one of my own concerts. It was relieving to realize that even those who are experienced with sharing music in a concert setting are struck with the mental quibbles that cause lyrics to leave one lacking the next line. If for some reason you haven’t gotten around to listening to any of Andrew Peterson’s latest albums, I highly recommend you pick them up. Even if you don’t like his music style, buy the CD for the opportunity to read the lyrics. God has gifted him with the ability to craft words that draft pictures more vibrant than the finest painting.

With the semester winding to a close, I’m looking forward to more opportunities to work on my own music. There are several songs I’ve been whittling away at through these last months, but without sufficient time to focus on them they’ve remained ideas and thoughts but still lack any musical quality. Hopefully that will change in the months to come. I’ll keep you posted...

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