Thursday, April 14, 2011

So I recently was introduced to "Book Sneeze" by my wife. Apparently I can receive books if only I'll write a review. Well, I am a hopeful academic and the art of the book review is a pertinent part of professional academics, so perhaps this will be a good way to hone my book reviewing skills. With that goal in mind, and with the realization that I have thoughts to share in general that simply are not being shared because of my penchant for laziness, I have decided to revive my blog.

With no further fanfare, allow me to consider this blog reopened.


Christina said...

That's interesting, I'll have to tell Pat about this, he would love getting free books!

Timothy Reimer said...

Just got my first book in the mail... it's a biography on Galileo. With the semester drawing to a close I hope to read it in the next week or so and get the review up shortly after.