Sunday, November 20, 2011

Baby Name Contest, Round 3

** Round 3 Over **
** Comments Closed **
** New Clues in Round 4 **

We are less than three months away from meeting our daughter, and are very eager to do so. As some of you know, the due date is the end of February but the doctor has told us that we would be wise to have the nursery ready closer to the beginning of the month. Apparently he anticipates her being eager to meet us too.

One need only begin to read and study the Old Testament to realize that naming is not a casual activity. So here's a free clue: meaning matters. There are some names we considered that both looked and sounded beautiful, but upon delving into their meaning or considering historically those associated with the name the choice to not choose that name was simple.

For the rules and to peruse the previous clues, go to the "Round 1" and "Round 2" posts earlier in my blog.

Clues for round 3:

Clue 3-1
Both names have the same ethnic origin.

Clue 3-2
The other initial is "Z".

Prayer for the Children (from the 1928 Book of Common Prayer):
ALMIGHTY God, heavenly Father, who hast blessed us with the joy and care of children; Give us light and strength so to train them, that they may love whatsoever things are true and pure and lovely and of good report, following the example of their Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.


Jennifer Huffman said...

Zoe Kharis - New Life Grace
Hi, this is Jennifer (Theders) from ABC. Congratulations to you guys!

Danielle C said...

Kirsten Zelda.

Stacy said...

Kelila Zisel Reimer

Julie Harrison said...

Hey, I worked hard a few days ago and came up with 5 guesses, and now I don't see them! But the internet was acting up that day; I guess the post didn't go through.

Zoe Karena
Zoe Kyra
Zoe Kristin
Zoe Katrina
Zoe Karis
(Zoe spelled with two dots above the e; not sure how to do that on the computer.)

Diane M said...

Kelilah Zipporah
Keyla Zipporah
Keila Zipporah
Katriel Zipporah

Dan Van Minnen said...

Kelila Zahara